Welcome to my website. When I started my practice a website was where you found a spider. Times have changed.

I have been engaged in a general civil practice since receiving my J.D. from the University of Colorado in 1974. For 40 some years my practice was in the firm of Stern & Newton, P.C. but my long time co-owner retired several years ago and I determined to go on by myself. In addition, the building in which my office was located for all that time, and which I managed, recently sold and I decided to move entirely to my home office located at 301 Garnet Lane in Granby. (If you’re viewing this page in Chrome you will see a map; if you’re using Firefox and other browsers, Google may not allow the map to show.)

In my current setup I will handle most matters involving civil law but not family law (dissolution of marriage and related matters), bankruptcy or most litigation not involving real estate. Just about anything related to real estate, contract law, association law, and foreclosures is up my alley. I am also involved in entity formation and maintenance (limited liability companies and corporations), simple wills and probate.

If I have substantial familiarity with the kind of case you have I’ll try and quote you a flat fee to cover everything from beginning to end. Flat fees will only stop being “flat” if an unexpected contest develops or something not foreseen by either of us comes out of the woodwork. I can not put a number on it but just about all flat fees remain flat with no additional charges. (I should mention that “fees” do not include expenses. It is not uncommon for expenses, money paid to others on your behalf such as a filing fee or publication charge, to approach or even exceed my fees. Since I have no control over those they will be what they are; I will provide an estimate but it will only be an estimate.)

For those cases where a flat fee will not work my hourly rate is $250 for most matters but $300 for real estate development work. For all cases I require that an advance, commonly called a “retainer,” be paid into my trust account to be drawn down by me as work is done. I try and estimate high but if I was low, an additional advance(s) may be required. Anything left in trust at the conclusion of a case will be returned to the client.

If you have questions about anything I might do for you then please call or e-mail. My phone number is 970/887-2163 and e-mail is ronstern47@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by.   Ron Stern